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I'm a standup comic. These things make me laugh. Yay, Internet!


Stand Up! Records | Ray Harrington – ’The Prison Wood Store’

If you’re a fan of edgy, thought-provoking comedy, click play to hear this piece from Ray Harrington.

And for more, check out Stand Up! Records on SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/standuprecords.

I love you, Red Letter Media. Here’s a preview of what’s to come at the movies this summer!

With Ray and Derek | “With Ray And Derek: The Next Generation” or The Future of Film | Podaholics

2 weeks ago

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This has been all over the place today, but I do love a bit of hyper-specific irony happening. Lois CK proven more wrong than you can imagine. 

And now you feel SOOOOO old.

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The beauty and grace of figure skating. 

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With Ray and Derek | “The Podcastemy Awards” or Bad Movies Get Trophies | Podaholics

I told Chris Hardwick he dresses like Ellen. He was cool with it.

I told Chris Hardwick he dresses like Ellen. He was cool with it.

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Holy shit. This local lawyer ad is INTENSE. I don’t know if I want a flaming sledgehammer to represent me in court…


Jamie Casino’s Intense Super Bowl Ad Explains How His Brother’s Slaying Made Him a Personal Injury Lawyer

Slacktory has liked some of my sketches in the past and shared them. That they dig it is even cooler when I really enjoy what they’re doing. This is a great sketch with a delightfully meta aftertaste.


An original sketch that no one’s ever done before (by Nick and Tom for Slacktory)